Register a company in Estonia

We help with all aspects of company registration in Estonia. Our lawyers advise on the best way for you to have an Estonian company: company's form, managing bodies, licences and permissions, registration procedure, permitted commercial activity, company's liquidation etc.

Basics on the company registration
  • foreign ownership and management allowed
  • minimum 1 shareholder and 1 member of the management board (director)
  • actual payment of 2500 euro share capital can be shifted into the future
  • registration is up to 5 days
  • no corporate income tax on retained and reinvested profits
  • accounting and online tax declarations:
Monthly activites
In case the company has a VAT ID or there are taxable costs:
  • monthly accounting and tax returns
  • VAT returns
  • income/ social tax returns
  • VIES declarations
In case the company has no VAT ID and no taxable costs, then no monthly accounting is required.

Yearly activites
  • annual report (must be submitted latest 6 months after the end of the fiscal year)
  • renewal of virtual office and authorised contact person services.
    5 - 10 working days + 1 - 3 weeks if remote services used

    initial communication and price offer – 1 day
    preparing registration documents – 2 days
    signing documents at a notary – 1 hour
    registration – up to 5 working days

    Above timeframes apply only in case of swift cooperation with us. In case the client fails to respond to requirements, the timeframe extends corresponding to the waiting time.
    Remote services
    Remote service is needed when shareholders and/or board members will not visit Estonia. For remote services we need Power of Attorney (PoA) from (all) shareholders and board members. PoA is drafted by the service provider (us) based on the order and KYC information. The client must certify the PoA by a notary and in most cases legalize it by apostille. Documents from some countries need full legalisation. Our experienced lawers will assist and guide you when it is needed.
    Once PoAs are completed, please send us scanned versions to check and originals by courier or via post to: Link to address details
    Required data & documents
    We need to get from you the following information and the documents:
    • Company name (your own proposal)
    • Company's e-mail address (can be your personal)
    • Activity and purpose of the company
    • Name(s), address(es), email address(es) and passport copies of shareholder(s)
    • Name(s), address(es), email address(es) and passport copies of of management board member(s) Power of Attorney (if remote services used). PoA is drafted by us.
    Certified corporate documents (In case of corporate shareholder)
    If you want to have corporate shareholder(s), you must provide shareholder's registry documents which present:
    • company name
    • registration number
    • address
    • rights to represent the company
    • name(s), address(es), email address(es) and passport copies of shareholders
    • name(s), address(es), email address(es) and passport copies of board members
    • name(s), address(es), email address(es) and passport copies of UBO-s (Ultimate Beneficial Owners)
    Documents can not be older than 3 months and they must be originals or certified by the notary, in most cases they also must be legalized by an apostille. Documents from some countries need full legalisation.
    Account opening
    Account opening in Estonian banks
    In case you do not have a direct connection to Estonia (customers, vendors, employees, etc.), it is likely that Estonian banks will not open an account for your company. However, as Estonian companies are allowed to have foreign bank accounts, we suggest to choose either a Payment Service Provider (PSP) or a bank outside of Estonia for your business.

    Account opening with Payment Service Providers (PSP)
    In most cases account opening via PSP is relatively easy and can be done remotely. Often used PSPs:
    Official corporate documents
    We will deliver official documents about your company in English or/and with certified translation into Russian.

    Principal documents
      • company registry card in different variations
      • company articles of association
      • tax residency certificate
      • licence certificate
      Documents' form
      • apostilled
      • original or notary certified
      • PDF
      Delivery options
      • PDF
      • DHL / UPS
      • by post
      • in the Bright Law Firm's office