Clients & projects

Advisory is nothing without delivery
Polybius digiBank
Bright attorneys advised the "Polybius digiBank" project on its ICO. The total token sale resulted in over $31 million raised. It is the 15th largest crowdfunding event in history.

Polybius digiBank is a project aimed to create the world's first fully digital regulated bank. Bright advised Polybius founders and prepared transaction documents from Estonian side. Read more about Polybius digiBank here.
Aragon Foundation
Bright attorneys advised the Aragon Foundation founders on the legal framework of crypto token sale in Estonia. Raising around $25 million Aragon went into history as 19th largest crowdfunding event in history.

Aragon is a management platform for decentralized organizations. Aragon implements organizational features such as governance, fundraising, payroll and accounting. Aragon launched a token sale for the Aragon Network, the world's first decentralized jurisdiction. Read more about Aragon here.
CrowdWiz Fund
Bright attorneys advised a financial start-up company CrowdWiz on its crypto token distribution. The total amount contributed was over $7 million.

CrowdWiz aims to develop self-governed investment ecosystem driven by the wisdom of the crowd. More information here.
Nafen Fibers
Bright attorneys advised Nafen Fibers ICO – the only project backed by the real product and proven business model. Nafen Project has already successfully developed a unique alumina nanofibers for improving advanced materials performance.

In 2015 the company successfully participated in the European Commission «Horizon 2020» program and was awarded a grant of 2 500 000 euros. More information here.
EloPlay eSports
Bright attorneys advised the e-sports start-up company EloPlay on its crypto token sale, which resulted in over $500 000 raised.

Esports platform allows players to organize and participate in tournaments with decentralized prize pools. The esports market is booming and it is a 385,5 million people global audience who spend $230 million a year. More information here.
Paratii Video
Bright attorneys advised Paratii Foundation on its goal to finance and enhance the further development of a blockchain based video exchange platform, which allows media content creators, publishers and the community to share stories without middlemen imposing fees, monetizing with ads and subscriptions.

Read more on this promising project and talented team here.