Data Privacy

The GDPR Regulation (EU) obliges businesses to revise their personal data protection policies and supplement the existing documents with personal data protection regulations.

We can help you with
  • GDPR compliance
  • privacy and online privacy
  • personal data protection
  • data transfer, retention and state surveilance
  • data protection impact assessment
GDPR compliance
Want to be compliant, but not sure where to start? We help to identify how GDPR impacts your business and offer full support with its implementation. We assist with mapping data processing activities and audit them for compliance. We draft policies, procedures, contracts and communicate with state agencies.
Marketing - how to contact a customer?
GDPR has changed the way that companies communicate with customers. We help to clarify when contacting customers by email or phone is allowed.
Monitoring individuals' behaviour
Individuals are associated with online identifiers provided by their devices, applications tools and protocols (e.g. IP addresses, cookies etc). If you use tools to monitor the use of your website, we can help you to think through whether you are monitoring individuals who are in the EU and how to be compliant.
Blockchain era
Is blockchain technology GDPR compatible? Uncertainty about blockchain technology compatibility with the GDPR has already been an obstacle to blockchain systems involving personal data. We can help you to tackle tensions between blockchain technology and the GDPR.


GDPR general
We have advised a financial and technological platform eConomic (Sauber Bank) and drafted various documents regarding data protection matters
Data trade
We have worked on obtaining the status of a personal data manager and the permit for the transfer of personal data to third countries
GDPR general
We have advised and assisted a fintech company Polybius regarding various data protection matters
Data controllers
We have advised and assisted a cloud crypto-mining company HashCoins regarding various data protection matters