With regard to family law the main reasons why people turn to a lawyer are:

problems related to children, including identification of parentage (paternity) and disputing paternity, issues related to custody and right to make decisions (residence of a child, etc.), establishment of communication order, alimony claims and other questions related to child maintenance. These issues also include child-related disputes between parents residing in different states and international child abduction within the meaning of the Hague Convention;

- problems concerning marriage and division of property,, including dissolution of a marriage and division of joint property, as well as regulation of other property relations between spouses;

- establishment of guardianship.


As a rule, the topics concerning family and personal issues are emotionally difficult for everybody and legally complicated, that’s why their resolution without help of a person possessing legal knowledge is quite difficult and at times even impossible. At the same time such issues are extremely delicate and urgent, and therefore they require finding a quick solution. If the parties fail to find a solution by way of negotiations, it is always possible and at times even necessary to go to court and resolve the issue with its help.

Attorneys of Bright Law Firm have extensive experience in the field of family law participating both in pre-trial negotiations and judicial disputes.




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