We grant legal aid when it comes to all types of intellectual property and for a wide range of technology issues.


Our professionals can assist you in developing a correlated strategy to protect your intellectual property and to reduce or exclude reasons for disputes or the causes of action being taken.

Our attorneys will examine your intellectual property in regard to protection and enforcement, including:

  • copyrights and trademarks
  • patents,
  • design rights,
  • database rights,
  • and confidential property.


They will complete all procedures and formalities in order to register your trademarks. They will execute your portfolio management duties, along with brand development, design work and the registration of domain names and IP licensing, and will handle trademark coexistence agreements.


We grant legal aid when it comes to disputes in regard to intellectual property and in the case of any infringement of rights in regard to IP, including:

  • registered trademarks,
  • express, implied and reverse passing-off,
  • copyrights,
  • patents,
  • design rights,
  • database rights,
  • confidential property,
  • domain name disputes,
  • IP ownership disputes,
  • opposition proceedings,
  • patent invalidity and revocation proceedings.


Our professionals carry out tasks in regard to:

  • software licensing,
  • software for service and cloud computing,
  • reseller agreements,
  • distribution agreements,
  • system integration agreements,
  • support and maintenance agreements,
  • SLA (service level agreements),
  • e-commercе,
  • website terms and policies,
  • use of cookies,
  • escrow agreements and non-disclosure agreements (NDA),
  • data protection,
  • privacy and electronic marketing,
  • government IT and telecom frameworks.


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